• Non Eagles AFL discussion thread II
    Mod notice: this thread is a continuation of part 1 I am stoked ****mond got shown up for the overrated club they are. All year the smugness from their fans was g…
    - 5 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 12:53pm -
  • The WCE World Cup Banter Thread (Ball tampering permitted)
    No idea why but here’s a thread for World Cup discussion should anyone want to indulge**** the saffers **** the poms**** the kiwisBut most of all **** the Indians
    - 5 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 12:51pm -
  • IF it isn't biased or ncompetent..... THEN it must be inciteful media coverage part II
    Why should that bother him at all? This is the guy that was arguing footage of NN at the airport was essential to get....The bigger story is The Wests total 180...realised turning on the towns biggest sporting club wasn't smart for business I'm gues…
    - 5 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 12:50pm -
  • West Coast Eagles WAFL 2019's official!!!
    - 5 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 12:25pm -
  • Injury thread 2019
    I got a bit of info from this article to put together a preliminary injury list.Training watchers may have info to be added in.The timelines are just my guesses based on the article.…
    - 6 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 12:04pm -
  • Random Discussion Thread 141- Powered by <redacted>
    This Glory game. Will be a massive choke if they lose.
    - 6 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 11:58am -
  • Assessing the Midfield
    The midfield is without doubt the most contentious area of the current squad and often seen as the greatest point of weakness in the team. But what do the numbers actually say? Here follows some simple quantitative analysis regarding the midfield…
    - 6 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 11:36am -
  • 2019 Trade, Draft, Free Agency UltraThread Vozzo
    - 6 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 11:18am -
  • Changes Vs Bombers r14 2019
    In: Hurn, Yeo, AllenOut: Rotham, Smith, VardyWould like to see Petrucelle given a spell in the WAFL for Cameron, but Rioli likely to be suspended for his sling tackle so will get a reprieve
    - 8 hours ago 18 Jun 19, 10:06am -