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  • 2018 St Kilda Trade Thread Part 4
    2018 St Kilda Trade Thread Part 4
    - 2 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 1:32pm -
  • 2018 Draft Watch - NAB AFL Draft: November 22nd & 23rd
    After reading this article on the AFL site... thought I'd ask you experts for more specifics. I'm sure there's already a thread about this somewhere, but after an exhaus…
    - 2 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 1:30pm -
  • Actions not words - Dan Hannebery
    how damn bloody good is it reading this: said Hannebery went ‘all in’ during the session.“He went to training yesterday — his first train…
    - 2 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 1:01pm -
  • Random Discussion
    In the spirit of the new age of conservation, political correctness, and proper usage of natural resources, I have decided to create this thread so that all the really crap posts that would normally be simply deleted would have a home. It may not pre…
    - 3 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 12:12pm -
  • REIMAGINE MOORABBIN (Total Raised: $10,250.25)
    ATTENTION SAINTS OF BIGFOOTY!Thanks to Armitage2Riewoldt, Kildonan, the Admins of BigFooty and the help of St.Kilda GM of Community Lisa Laing for putting this all together. We are running a BigFooty fundraising initiative to help generate som…
    - 4 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 11:03am -
    Kilroy said:↑At the bottom of the screen you'll see a "send" symbol. Tap it and you then choose email which will provide the link. Tap that link and "select all" and copy. Then delete the email. Paste the link in…
    - 6 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 8:51am -
  • Best 22 R1 2019
    It's a bit premature for this, so mods feel free to lock / move as required - however, I really don't want to look back on the season, so the only other direction is forward!Please excuse the crap formatting.B: Lloyd Goddard Geary…
    - 7 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 8:27am -
  • 2018 St Kilda Media Thread
    Not much of a start in terms of news so far..But because of the speculation i thought be added
    - 7 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 8:01am -
  • What to do with McCartin?
    If you were the List Manager what would you do with McCartin?1. Would you persevere with him and hope he comes good?OR2. Trade him for pick 30 or better?
    - 8 hours ago 18 Nov 18, 7:00am -