• Bluemour Melting Pot XXII
    Mod Notice:-Continued from here:-Bluemour Melting Pot XXI - Like seriously, the polar ice caps have got nothing on usrichmond started 35 years of shame yet?…
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  • All Things Essendon* - Carlton Posters ONLY!
    Oh hello!Essendon saga could see government inquiry
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  • 2020 Pre-Season Training - pics, reports etc
    So the 1st to 4th Year boys are back today. Look forward to firing up the 'reports-only' thread. But for now, I'll throw a big pre-emptive thank you to our track watchers.Here's to another big pre-season.2020 Blues Pre-Season Player Preview Serie…
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  • Blue Healers Medical Room - 2020
    New year new thread.Update on Charlie ...Russell provides Charlie Curnow updateCharlie Curnow is on track to make a full recovery, but will miss the opening ro…
    - 2 hours ago 17 Jan 20, 1:58pm -
  • 2020 Player Previews
    Mods - feel free to move these posts accordingly.I have recorded a preview for every player as we enter season 2020 and look forward to seeing how everyone's thoughts align. There will be disagreement, but that's the beauty of an opinion. Looki…
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  • New List Manager
    No matter which side of the SOS/Liddle fence we're on, it's agreed that SOS won't be coming back, and we need a replacement.Do we go in-house with Agresta, or poach?Who does it best elsewhere? IMNSHO Brisbane have been fantastic at talent identif…
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  • Umpires
    Go.@Aph can you please remove my access to this thread? Thanks.
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  • Your 2020 Best 22 (Post Trade Period)
    I made this thread last year, so I thought I'd make it again. What do you believe should be our team for Round 1 2020 and, how will it have changed by the end of the season?Assumptions:1. We draft Jack Martin in the preseason draft2. Pick 9, or…
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  • General AFL Discussion #11 - Carlton Posters ONLY!
    Boltfromtheblue said:By Monday we'll be sitting 4th after a poor month of footy and coming up against reasonable opposition at moments in their season when they are hitting their straps: ess, are, stk. Throw in ple…
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