• 2020 AFLW Preseason
    Gees our new Irish recruit, Orla O’Dwyer smashing preseason.2km time trial, and she beats second place by a full lap. In a 5 lap “race”, that’s ridiculous. I wonder if Mike Whiting paced her the whole way, or if Orla dropped him.…
    - 34 mins ago 14 Dec 19, 2:09am -
  • Beams coming on heavy, hot and strong (Beams & picks 41 & 44 for 18, 56, COL's 2019 1st rd)
    Just watched a replay of Talking Footy and Tom "Purple2" Browne is still pushing the line that Dayne Beams is potentially on the move back to Melbourne, for family reasons. When it was pointed out to him that his family live on the Gold Coast he said…
    - 37 mins ago 14 Dec 19, 2:06am -
  • Brisbane Olympics
    Hey guys so what’s your opinions on the Brissy Olympics bid for 2032 that has been announced?
    - 51 mins ago 14 Dec 19, 1:52am -
  • 2020 Preseason
    This time last year, preseason training had kicked off for the younger players. I'm assuming that we are not far off starting. Seen the likes of Rich ^ Gardiner also complete a triathlon over the weekend so no doubt they are gearing up.I'll try an…
    - 3 hours ago 13 Dec 19, 11:18pm -
  • Lions Season 2020
    If we use the median age instead of mean age to avoid the disproportionate effect of outliers like Stef we end up with the youngest list in the comp for the coming season...Analysing AFL Team Age... Properly!…
    - 19 hours ago 13 Dec 19, 7:55am -
  • Membership 2020
    Starting a thread on this because I couldn't see one but delete/merge if I've missed it.There's been some update to the Lions online membership page that I can see but I have to say that it still leaves me really frustrated. I got the email today t…
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 19, 11:36pm -
  • New clash guernsey
    Hmmm ... I think I quite like it
    - 2 days ago 12 Dec 19, 11:12am -
  • 2019 Draft thread
    Don't worry, it's not here yet.
    - 2 days ago 12 Dec 19, 6:13am -
  • Interviews, podcasts & upcoming media info [post media articles in relevant threads]
    Just a reminder that this thread is for media appearances and content relating to the lions that doesn't fit in an already existing thread, eg sen interviews etc.If you find an article on leppa or our coaching and staffing please place it in the rel…
    - 2 days ago 12 Dec 19, 12:34am -